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Owning a home is one of the major achievements in life. However, with the ever increasing costs involved, homes can be out of reach for many people. Apart from the costs , environmental concerns and land shortages have forced people to look for alternative means of housing. Instead of building the traditional mortar and brick residencies that are familiar, many people are opting for the far more affordable shipping container home design. Shipping containers offer home owners with durable and modular set of building blocks that can be used to develop the home. Their affordability has been the major contributing factor of their increased usage by most people in need of a home design. There are several benefits linked to using shipping containers for your home design and some of them are discusses below.

They come fully integrated

Most people prefer going for shipping containers since they come with a roof, walls and floors already installed. Additionally, it is possible for home owners to combine several containers into a single home with the help of home designers and architects. With a proper design and planning process; doors, windows and fascias can be added to turn the finished product closer to a modern house.

They are economical to build

Despite the rise in price due to their popularity among most homeowners, it is still possible to pick up one at a fair price from a good bargain. For a home design, it is best that you go for a used shipping container since you can simply refurbish it to make a good home design. Used containers cost much less compared to the costs incurred in the other traditional forms of construction that have many requirements to buy. Homeowners save on the costs involved in the construction of the floors, walls and roofs since the containers come when already installed with them.

They are Eco-Friendly

Shipping container home designs can be as green as the homeowner wants them to be. They are the best options for those who value their environment and the diverse effects they can suffer with environmental degradation. You can also produce your own energy by making of free solar energy. Alternatively, you can also make use of hydroelectric power if your shipping container is located next to a fast-flowing stream or a river. To control your heating costs during winter and cooling costs during summer, it is advisable that you apply a Screen/Living Roof’ at the top of the shipping container.

Weather-proof and Durable

Most shipping container home designs are very durable since they are typically made from corrugated corten steel that is resistant to weathering. This makes them capable of surviving through the unforgiving weather conditions. They are an infinite lifespan and you can be assured to have the container in good working condition for as long as you live without the necessity of strenuous repair activities. As a result, they can be majorly used in building home designs in areas with a high rate of geological activity such as those affected with hurricane hotspots and earthquake zones. Additionally, they can easily survive against wind speeds of maximal 281km/h as long as they are anchored using pylons.

They can be fully kitted

Most people are fooled with the thought that shipping container home designs normally have shabby interiors. This is not the case since they can be fully kitted with beautiful interior designs that resemble a modern house. With help from a professional home designer, you can turn your home into a beautiful finish you have always desired to have. The basics of standard electrics and plumbing can also be fitted to have an outstanding design finish.

Shorter Build time

One of the key benefits of using shipping container home designs is the time taken in the building process. Different containers can be quickly joined together rapidly in the shortest time possible to form a complete home design. This is advantageous since standard homes take a lot of time to be fully completed. With adequate knowledge, you can combine the designs on your own. However, there are several organizations that offer building services for shipping containers.

They offer pre-built container homes that are shipped directly to your home upon request. They also carry out the assembly process once the container is in your home and you can be sure to enjoy a wonderful home design built in a single day.

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