How to Build A Container House

Currently, most countries across the globe have stacks of used containers. In most cases, countries that have a lot of used containers are those that import goods but fail to export their products to other countries. To ensure that used containers do not go to waste, a lot of people have come up with an idea of improvising houses from them.

The good thing about container houses is the fact that they are durable. Shipping containers are usually made of strong metal which can stand for many years without wearing down. In addition, container houses are not expensive to put up. As a matter of fact, it is one of the most convenient ways to establish a shelter in terms of the cash spent for the entire project. To start with, you can acquire a container at cheap deals since they are mostly sold at disposal prices. The construction project will also not cost you much.

There are many strategies and techniques on how to build a container house that you can implement. The following are things that you should follow on how to build a container house:

In most cases, shipping containers are all made in a standard size. The common measurement of containers is 8 feet wide by 8.6 feet high. The container length may be either 20 feet or 40 feet. Thus if you intend to make a container house of larger size than the standard one, your only have option is to join several containers.

In addition, shipping containers are usually made of tubular frames. These frames are designed to withstand a lot of weight and stress in case several containers are piled up together. The frames also have the capacity to withstand very harsh environments. This is actually an advantage when constructing a container house. It will be a good idea if you retain the design of the container frames.

The floor of the container is usually made of marine plywood. You can opt to retain the nature of the floor when making a container house. Alternatively, you can opt to change the floor to whatever design you find interesting. Tiling the floor can be a good idea.

For you to come up with the best design idea, seek assistance from designers and architects who are specialized in designing containers or check out

The next step on how to build a container house is to set up the project. However, you must first establish the local building codes of the containers you intend to use. This is to ascertain the chances of getting a permit for such a project. Ensure that that you get a permit before you set up such an unconventional structure.

Once done with codes confirmation, the next thing is to ensure that your container house does not stand on a bare earth. You should understand that the container is made of metal and it might corrode due to moisture accumulation. You can opt to set up the container house on a slab or on a cemented floor.

The step that follows on how to build a container house is placing different components in place. This is where you come up with different openings such as doors, windows, roof panels, ventilation among others.

To some point, you may opt to change the roof design. A standard truss roof will be a good option if you want to avoid overloading the container. This usually applies in places which are characterized by snow during winter seasons.

Fitting the roof truss, doors and windows might require you to use a crane since a crane can hoist everything into position with ease.

This is one idea on how to build a container house that you should not forget. Note that metal containers are good heat and cold conductors. To ensure your comfort while in the container house, you should come up with the best insulation.

A thin ceramic coating or paint will work as an efficient insulation. To some point, you may need to insulate both the interior and the exterior of the container. However, this will depend on the location’s weather changes.