Pros and Cons of Cargo Container Home

Those who want to create a home environment that utilizes green living initiatives may be interested in storage container homes. Shipping container homes are exactly what they sound like: an entire house is built from putting several different containers together. While this new age housing is gaining in popularity, there are both pros and cons of cargo container home living. Research the pros and cons of cargo container home dwellings to figure out if this type of house is right for you.

Pros of Cargo Homes

  • Of course, there are both pros and cons of cargo container home living, but the main advantage to this type of house is that it will save huge costs. While you’ll get just as much space as you would in a regular home, you’ll get it for much less money.
  • Cargo container homes are eco-friendly and cut down on the need for other materials typically used in the construction of a house. Reusing storage containers means that wood doesn’t have to be used. Plus, instead of using the energy to melt the containers done when they’re no longer needed, the storage containers are recycled and reused.
  • Shipping containers are designed to stay outside year-round, which means they’re able to stand up to harsh weather conditions. Container homes are ideal for areas that get a lot of storms and hurricanes.
  • Building a home with storage containers takes much less time than constructing a regular house.

Cons of Cargo Homes

Living in a container home has a lot of perks, but it’s not always the ideal living choice. There are both pros and cons of cargo container home dwellings.

  • Controlling the temperature of a storage container home is difficult, because the container conducts heat. The steel or aluminum that the container is made from creates a cold environment in the winter and a hot environment in the summer.
  • The storage containers that are used to create homes are often old and unused, which means that they could also have some rust and scratches on them. It’s also easy to scratch and ruin the exterior of storage containers as they’re being transported.
  • Depending on what the storage container is made from, it could be harmful to your health. Certain solvents and paints shouldn’t be breathed in for an extended period of time. Some shipping containers are used to transport toxic materials. If the substance spilled in the container as some point, remnants of it may still be left over